How our firm faced the COVID Challenge


How our firm faced the COVID Challenge

“…We decided we would not be led by market conditions. We would lead through market conditions…”

当政府几乎关闭了你所有州中心的所有租户时,你该怎么办? Read how our team responded to the crisis and saw amazing results.

在过去的几年里, 我曾被同行们嘲笑过,因为我倾向于设想和支持一些最可怕的场景. 如此, 有个客户曾经开玩笑地送给我一个冰锥,因为我喜欢“在他的所有交易中捅洞”。. 然而, if you had described this years’ events to anyone in our industry, we all would have laughed at the absurdity of such a far-f等hed doomsday scenario. No one put total global shutdown in their spreadsheets, not even me.

在三月的第一个星期, it was reported that the citizens, quarantined on a local military base after returning from China, had been released into our city. One of those released later tested positive, but not until after visiting our local mall. I joked with our property management team that day “At least we don’t manage that mall! 你能想象接到电话说你突然要按疾控中心的命令关闭你的房子吗?”. 团队笑了. 我们中的一些人甚至在商场重新开张时吃午饭以示支持,以表达与零售业的团结一致.

My comments to the team seem ironic now. 仅仅两周后, 不仅仅是一个, but all of our centers were almost entirely shut down by the government in all states. 租户, 投资者, 供应商, and lenders and even other property management firms, called in wanting to know what our plan of action was. For almost two weeks, my phone showed I averaged 5 hours on phone calls each day. Some of our property managers spent even more time on the phone.

而我们的物业经理, which each average 20 years experience, 看过一些东西吗, this was unprecedented and clients wanted to know what they needed to do. It is our mission as a company to always be proactive, 即使在不确定的时期, so we quickly developed a plan on how to gain control in an uncontrollable environment.

We decided we would not be led by market conditions. We would lead through market conditions.

How we went about that is what I want to share with you. 不自夸, although I am immensely proud of our team, 而是因为它为我们提供了一个框架,当下一个不可想象的事件发生时,什么会起作用.


In the midst of a confusing landscape without good visibility, 我们需要的第一件事是及时获得准确的信息,并将其分发给那些期待我们领导的人. Our clients needed a clear map to navigate the environment. Rapidly changing government regulations, rumors and suggestions on protocol were everywhere wasting valuable time and resources. E-mail would not suffice as the information was changing by the hour. Much of the information available was incorrect or outdated. 星期二晚上, 3月17日, We decided on a website as the most effective means to accomplish this. 我们的团队开始组装、审查和确认多个资源和信息站点的准确性,并将它们组装在一个中心位置. 它包含了帮助零售商和餐馆提供产品和服务的应用程序链接, steps on how to integrate carry out into a point of sale system, 就业法, and resources and updates on government programs. 我们选择不把网站打上Foresite项目的标签,因为我们觉得这些信息是有价值的,需要被每个人分享, 包括我们的竞争对手. 我们的安卓版客户端, 租赁, 物业管理团队夜以继日地工作,仅仅三天后就完工了. 在3月20日 covidinfocenter.com was live and shared with all of our tenants and the brokerage community.

除此之外, 我们的团队成员开始每周组织并与行业专业人士进行虚拟会议,分享变化, and gain market knowledge on collections, 关闭的, 纳税期限, 银行救助, 等. 然后,我们可以与我们的业主分享,以确保他们得到他们需要的信息和服务.


We live in an environment with unlimited forms of communication, 然而,很明显最有价值的信息来自租户自己. How do you establish a delivery system with your point of sale system? 我可以做家访吗? 我如何提供送货服务? 我如何支付工资? 在为自己和他人回答这些问题的过程中,中小企业以他们的创新和坚韧激励了我们. Rather than act as an intermediary between these business owners, we decided to put them all together in one room, 几乎. 我们为零售企业的所有者创建了一个私人的Facebook群组,允许他们彼此分享想法和解决方案. 在这一组, 我们的租户相互联系、相互创新,解决了问题,同时努力使他们的业务保持在一起. 看到这些对话让我们的团队想起了我们为之奋斗的目标,也让我们有了目标感.


We received multiple requests for rent relief and at the same time, landlords were looking for relief from their obligations so they could assist the tenants. 我们在中间. 我们的物业管理团队必须创建系统和步骤来控制数百个电话和电子邮件. We began tracking requests in a central system documenting the request, 量, and what actions the tenant was taking to continue generating revenue. 这被证明是有价值的,它可以迅速呈现给房东和贷款人,他们也打电话要求更新. 在这个时候我们接到通知关于PPP项目的可用性我们通知的所有租户的期望,他们应该首先寻求救济的形式这个项目,我们会接受他们的购买力平价申请同一个应用程序出租救援请求,以限制文书工作. It also encouraged the tenants to indeed seek this program which was intended for rent.


每个业务, 每个租户, 每个房东和贷款人都有不同的义务和承诺,这使得创造一个简单的救济公式成为一个挑战. 该团队必须使用我们收集的信息,以确保租户尽其所能,同时与贷款人和业主一起努力寻找解决方案. 虽然一些房东有很大的灵活性,可以相当慷慨,但大多数不能. 对于大多数房东, 我们建议他们不要承诺长期的租约修改,而应该把重点放在需要时的每周或30天的续签计划上. 在大多数租户关门的时候,我们为减少开支而准备了物业和服务,以抵消预期收入下降和安全问题.


我们可以继续解决出现的问题,但随着关闭持续时间的延长,挑战也会继续增加. 除了, our tenants faced backlash at each solution they came up with. 这次行动安全吗? Why can’t stylists visit a customer at home? Who is considered an essential business? 通过与州、联邦代表以及地方市政府的电话和电子邮件, 我们确保我们的租户被听取,立法者理解他们所做的决定的含义. 除了, we felt that the community in their state of fear and concern for the virus, was unaware of the long term implications of a shutdown. 我们与一家营销代理公司签订合同,发起一场广告宣传活动,向消费者解释小企业在资助教育方面的重要作用, 警察, 医疗保健, 和其他紧急服务. 查看和分享 How 小型企业es Support Essential 服务 here.


We are in mid June at the time of writing this, 关闭整个行业三个月的长期影响还有待确定. 然而 we are seeing signs of life. 租户 are reporting an uptick in sales as opening restrictions are relaxed, some are even enjoying the fruits of some pent up demand. As for our team and our clients’ properties? 晚没有抵押贷款, 晚没有应付账款, and rent collections for May were equal to those in March (Pre-Covid). We even saw leases signed during the shut down and while it is still early, none of our tenants have had to permanently shut their doors. In the end, that is what we were all fighting for. 查看和分享 Foresite’s Tenant Tribute here.

虽然我相信我们的团队在解决这些挑战时做得很出色,甚至在平衡新的家庭工作现实和管理孩子的家庭教育, the credit goes to those our industry serves, 小企业主. 在过去的几个月里,这些勇敢的企业家们在创新和坚韧方面给我们上了一课,我们期待在未来的岁月里与他们合作.

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贝瑟尼·巴布科克(伯大尼巴布科克)在从事商业地产行业十多年后,于2014年创立了Foresite Commercial Real Estate. 她从事租赁工作, 管理和安卓版客户端,并将她在这些领域的经验结合起来,更好地为客户服务. She was named one of San Antonio's 40 under 40 in 2018 by the San Antonio Business Journal.



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