在家工作的感觉又回来了. Except now our coworkers got to hear our “mom voices” and our kids ’…

Is it a good idea to allow kids in the office?


我们做了一个实验来找出答案.  As we returned to the office following 2020, we ran into a bit of a stumbling block.  Childcare had not yet sorted itself out and was hard to organize.  计划变了,然后又变了.

I found myself caught up in the same challenge as many on our team.   Working from home with kids was one option.  我骗谁呢,不是吧. Anyone with young kids will tell you how absurd that is.  

The challenges surrounding working with kids really are dependent on the ages of 孩子们.  I took all three of my kids with me to the office when they were newborns.  The first three months they just slept like rocks.  The little ones didn’t know how to sleep at night but nothing could wake them while at work.  I would stare at them with jealousy as I nodded off standing up in the breakroom.

尽管如此,我还是很感激 我得到了 to have them with me when they were so little.  我热爱工作,想要 返回 并且需要迅速返回. Having them with me felt like I had the best of both worlds for a while.  My daughter and middle child was so quiet, she stayed at the office with me until she was almost 5 months old and 没有人知道她在那里.  她在后来的几年里弥补了这一点. You can’t miss her now, she makes sure of it.  

Because of that great experience, I advocate for our team to bring little ones with them now.  Especially if childcare falls through and a partner 或配偶 用的是总公司吗.  即使它只是一部分时间和一个星期的几天, 或者每天几个小时, I think it can provide a vital connection to their team and some routine when a new parent’s world is turned upside down. 


Levi, 伯大尼巴布科克’s youngest, age three at the office with Mom.

新冠肺炎打乱了夏季计划. Kids prepared to join their parents at the office over the summer.









大一点的孩子就有点复杂了.  As my kids got older I would bring them to the office after school and still do, but multiply that by several kids and we have ourselves a very 大声 and 混乱的 聚会,派对.

Summer came around and everyone’s childcare plans fell through.  计划是什么?  我的计划是什么?  We decided to let 孩子们 come to the office. We thought if we give them their own playroom and set it up with games and art and snacks and movies it would be a blast. 我们工作时他们玩.  



这些滑稽, 乱,  大声, smaller versions of ourselves just ran around and looked for us and kept us from working.  Zoom calls with children jumping in the background, fighting over toys,不是不寻常的.  在家工作的感觉又回来了. Except now our coworkers got to hear our “mom voices” 以及我们孩子的外部声音.  我们尝试. We even had ambitious goals of it being a technology-free play area.  那么天真.  And it was only the second day of summer.  我们需要一个新计划.


Our ambitions of a technology-free summer relaxed over time. Here 孩子们 enjoyed a movie and pizza in our training room

The new plan came from an unlikely source.  We were getting applications for internships and 实现 that students did not know how to fill out applications, n或者如何准备一个简单的面试.  其中一个让他们的妈妈来拜访.  I joked that one of our team members’ pre-teens could do a better job applying and interviewing.  

就是这样.   我们得到了十几岁的孩子们的帮助.  

The job of Summer Activities Coordinator was created.  We had them fill out applications and attend a real interview with a non父母团队成员.  The pre-teens were then hired, onboarded, given swag bags, etc.  They were required to create a plan with non-technologyrelated activities, keep a budget, purchase supplies, turn in receipts each week.  


The two summer program coordinators were welcomed with ID badges, 最喜欢的零食和一些Foresite纪念品.

Zach Parra's daughter joins Foresite as a summer program coordinator

Zach Parra’s daughter joins Foresite for the summer as a Summer Activities Coordinator








它工作. 十几岁之前的孩子得到了宝贵的自信boosting, life experience, 孩子们 had a blast while we 要工作. 


The summer activites coordinators had to keep a budget and turn in receipts

节目的高潮是 孩子们 wrote, directed, performed a puppet show with puppets they all made.  他们邀请了我们整个办公室的人参加.  它是令人惊异的.  

暑期项目的缺点?  我们有蚂蚁. The kids eat a lot of snacks and we have carpet.


The kids had their own play area in the office over the summer


Jon Galindo, an Associate with Foresite and retired Army, teaches 孩子们 a proper salute.


Kids building a train track throughout the entire office








In short, should we allow kids in the office?  是的!  But manage your expectations and have a plan.  If working from home with young kids doesn’t work, working in the office won’t either.  But with a bit of planning and improvisation, it can be an awesome memory for everyone and the highlight of your summer. 



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